Perlan is one of the main landmarks in Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland. It is 25.7 metres (84.3 ft) high. It was originally designed by Ingimundur Sveinsson. Perlan is situated on the hill Öskjuhlíð, where there had been hot water storage tanks for decades.
In 2016 Perlan got a new role; The museum Perlan - Wonders of Iceland. Volcanoes, glaciers, geothermal marvels and more come alive, Iceland’s many natural wonders all in one place. 
The logo icon is a simplified graphic of the building Perlan, seen from the top, the six tanks and the glass ceiling. It also represents the National flower, the Nordic sign for a interesting place or a viewpoint and the sparkling star that indicates idea or the sky.
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